Digital Photography

Over a four-month period, this beginning class in mobile photography will cover the basics of using a smart device to take photographs, transferring pictures to a computer, sharing pictures online using social media, and concepts such as composition, the rule of thirds, zooming, cropping, grayscale, and more.  


This free course includes four class sessions, a guided tour of the Cleveland Museum of Art, and a final digital exhibition of participants’ selected photographs. Each participant will be provided with an iPod Touch to use during class hours. Participants are expected to attend all class sessions.


Computer Experience Prerequisites: 

Experience sending and receiving emails, organizing digital files, and navigating websites. Participants are required to have an email address. 


Optional requirements: 

A USB storage drive is recommended. 



This course is limited to 20 students. Participants must be adults (18 and over). New users must first complete the registration process. After creating an Learning Paths account, continue on to enroll in Digital Photography. If you require additional assistance, please contact Marina Marquez, Education and Learning Project Coordinator, at or 216-623-2992.  

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Attend at least 6 events to complete this section in the path.